We are focused on getting you better, and teaching others how to do the same. We offer resources for our patients to learn more about Chinese Medicine, as well as a teaching focused clinic with observation and immersion programs for those learning the clinical practice of Chinese Medicine.

About Chinese Medicine & Herbs

Taking Chinese herbs is like receiving medical treatment daily. This allows us to help you in the weeks between your appointments, and make a more affordable and tangible difference for your health.

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Clinical Training

We have designed our clinical internship program to showcase Chinese medicine applied across a broad spectrum of illness & severity.  Watching Chinese medicine in practice on real patients is critical to clinical efficacy, and will immediately improve one’s understanding.

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Patient Reviews

"The Alternative Clinic is much more than Acupuncture. It is a multi dimensional approach of specific herbal prescriptions, bodywork, and Acupuncture." "My 4 experiences at the clinic were outstanding. I always felt that the practitioner…