“The Alternative Clinic is much more than Acupuncture. It is a multi dimensional approach of specific herbal prescriptions, bodywork, and Acupuncture.”

“My 4 experiences at the clinic were outstanding. I always felt that the practitioner took the time and really listened to what I was saying and incorporated it, along with his diagnostic tools into each treatment and herbal tea formula, which were always unique and very effective. I am breathing 70% better than I have in 2 decades and have found complete relief from an old, nagging injury.”

“I have had a fair amount of acupuncture in the past, but nothing compares to the effectiveness, professionalism, extensive knowledge, and joyful personalities at the Alternative Clinic. Thank you so much for deciding to make Asheville, NC your new home.” Mary 2015

“As a suffer of systemic lupus it is refreshing to have practitioners that have the experience to help and listen. In two short months we had figured out how to deal with symptoms and cycle of my disease which in turn gives me a better quality of life. If you’re looking for ways to reduce medicinal side effects and damage, I highly recommend The Alternative Clinic.” Vivian 2015

“It was so wonderful having someone LISTEN and have a PLAN for recovery! Such a relief to here “we can help with that” after months of tests and no real treatment plans! THANK YOU!” June 2015

“This is the first day in a long time that I’ve had NO back pain at all, including the sciatica. It’s been great! Thank you!” Sue 2015

“The folks have here have done so much for me. I highly recommend the Alternative Clinic. Their incredible knowledge, sincere dedication to my health needs, and individualized treatments have been the most effective of any doctors I have worked with. Asheville is incredibly lucky to have this team!” Emily 2015

“The general feeling that is apparent when working with Julie-Ann and Andrew is one of serenity. They both possess a calming aura and I have felt trusting and relaxed during my treatments.”

“During treatments for my digestive disorder, I found Julie-Ann to be relentless in her attempts to find the appropriate combination of herbs and hands on treatment, and I frequently left my sessions feeling a significant reduction in my discomfort. Western medicine has done nothing to “cure” my ailment, and The Alternative Clinic provided more relief than I’ve found previously.”

“My post-op pain was so severe at times that I felt nauseated. I had relied on Western medicine and was popping pain meds regularly. Andrew provided me with a hands on session that proved so successful that I did not take any pain meds. Although the acupuncture can be painful, I find it well worth the short term discomfort for longer term relief.” Lori 2015