Our not-for-profit clinic applies all of the tools of Chinese medicine to achieve the greatest change as quickly as possible.  Our highly trained practitioners will work with you to destress, alleviate pain, or begin working on a complicated medical condition.  We offer dedicated health care, wellness treatments and telemedicine options to discuss health concerns from the comfort of your home.

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Dedicated Health Care

  • New Patient Intake: initial 40 minute consultation to gather information about the case, outline a treatment plan & prescribe herbal formula. patients who book this service are expected to return for a follow up visit within 1-2 weeks
  • Follow Up Treatment: 40 minute follow up consultation to quantify changes in the condition, herbal formula modification, acupuncture & bodywork as appropriate and time permitting. patients who book this service are expected to book routine visits to ensure continuity of care
  • Extended Consult / Treatment: 80 minute treatment for new patients desiring physical treatment after an initial consultation, or for those with complicated conditions who require more time with a practitioner. 

Wellness Services

  • Massage: therapeutic or relaxing touch massage in our open air and ambient medical clinic setting.
  • Destress Acupuncture: a combination of acupuncture and bodywork to move stuck qi and relax the mind.
  • Neck & Shoulders Treatment: massage, sliding cups and acupuncture as appropriate to release tight muscles. 
  • Health Consultation: find out what Chinese medicine can do for your health or longevity, receive expert advice and common sense explanations for your health concerns. discussion only, no treatment provided.

Clinic Membership

as a not for profit clinic, showing grassroots support is crucial when we seek grant and donations from large foundations.  for $100 per year, you can show your support of our clinic, and receive $20 discount on every Chinese medicine treatment provided!

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