Our team boasts 30+ years experience studying with the old doctors of Beijing and in private practice.  The unparalleled level of training and experience is reflected in The Alternative Clinic’s tangible approach to Chinese medicine. This makes the comprehensive treatments at our clinic the best choice for acupuncture in Asheville!

Dedicated Founders

JulieAnn & Andrew Nugent-Head spent a combined 30+ years in China, are fluent in written and spoken Mandarin and are internationally recognized practitioners and educators of Chinese medicine.  Their extensive training and experience under the last great doctors in Beijing is not easily duplicated today.

Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture | The Alternative Clinic
Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture | The Alternative Clinic


Comprehensive Approach

We practice “comprehensive Chinese medicine”.  We do not simply tap in acupuncture needles and leave the room.  We are hands on and concretely involved in shifting the body toward health, utilizing all the tools of Chinese medicine including acupuncture, moxibustion, cupping, bodywork, herbal prescription, diet and lifestyle consultation & dao yin (qi gong) practices.

We feel it is only by employing  Chinese medicine with an experienced hand that one can create profound, tangible and lasting results. We do not specialize in spa or preventative health services. We treat illness and injury, and are looking to make a tangible shift in each condition, leaving no room for doubt that Chinese medicine has helped you.


Why Our Training is Different

Since 1989 Andrew Nugent-Head actively sought out practitioners that were practicing medicine prior to the changes of communism in China. Andrew became their student, and worked for nearly 3 decades to document their perspectives and treatments. Andrew organized seminars around the world for them to share their knowledge to the west, which created a valuable income stream for the traditional practitioners and their family. Founding a company focused on preserving this wisdom, the Association for Traditional Studies has produced thousands of hours of video material, online courses and hundreds of seminars around the world.

Through three decades of immersion in traditional teacher – disciple fashion – not only did Andrew learn medicine, martial arts and daoyin practices, but he preserved a tangible medical skill that would have been lost without his efforts.

Today sadly, many of the great practitioners in China have passed away or are too old to travel and teach their skill to others. With the passing of so many great teachers, Andrew shares his 28 years of experience with other practitioners, aiming to raise the bar of Chinese medicine around the world.

Through the Alternative Clinic in Asheville North Carolina, Andrew Nugent-Head and his wife JulieAnn offer tangible, effective and comprehensive Chinese medical care, and internship opportunities for Chinese medicine practitioners. Improving the skill of every practitioner can only be done by watching others effectively treat a broad range of illness.

The Alternative Clinic is the realization of a dream shared by each of Andrew’s teachers – a place to practice tangible medicine and teach that skill to others.


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Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture | The Alternative Clinic